This top level range offers the highest technology specifications in an elegant and modern design.

This model can be used with or without the wine service card, can be lined up and is available in a variety of colours.

The enoline elite, is the latest generation of enomatic Wine Serving Systems with all the best technology and monitoring capabilities, advanced preservation and refrigeration, precise portion controlled servings, compact and versatile design and different color options. Aimed to provide a new interactive wine service experience, the elite is the perfect fit for any contemporary wine hospitality environment.

Elite 4 & 8

Wine Dispenser

The enoline ELITE wine dispenser is enomatic state-of-art with latest technology in an amazing stainless steel design: 30+days wine preservation, pouring control with three programmable pouring sizes, refrigeration with temperature control / dual temperature capability , and self-serving option.

It now comes with enhanced features: glass touch screens, drain-free and condensation free refrigeration, articulated hinged glass door, pneumatic pistons to lift bottle, optional barcode reader and POS integration.

Model Large Height Depth Weight Electrical requirements
enoline 4 RT 532 mm (21″) 670 mm (26.4″) 303 mm (11.9″) 28 kg (62 lbs) 110 V. – 70 W
enoline 8 RT 972 mm (38.3″) 670 mm (26.4″) 303 mm (11.9″) 55 kg (122 lbs) 110 V. – 70 W
enoline 4 TC 532 mm (21″) 670 mm (26.4″) 303 mm (11.9″) 43 kg (99.2 lbs) 110 V. – 115 W
enoline 8 TC 972 mm (38.3″) 670 mm (26.4″) 303 mm (11.9″) 72 kg (143.3 lbs) 110 V. – 135 W


  • Available models: enoline 4 bottle temperature controlled, enoline 4+4 bottle temperature control: 8 bottles in two different climate zones and Enoround Elite. (see below)
  • Colors and finishings: In addition to the classic stainless steel finish, it is possible to choose among the following colors: elegant black, pearl white, stone grey, retro cream, and india brown. Pistons and handles also available in golden finish.
  • Cooling system: Compressor-based system with isolated fridge chamber. Room or Dual Temperature 4+4, 5+3 or 2+2 for the 4 bottle unit.
  • Refrigeration condense drainage: Not required. self contained refrigeration.
  • Servings: 1 or 3 servings with glass touch screen key display.
  • System activation: with or without wine cards.
  • Lighting: Double led lit that indicates the dispenser efficiency level. Lighting changes the intensity according to different functions
  • Environment control: A junction box performs a check on all external environment conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) in order to auto-adjust the dispenser’s efficiency. This guarantees increased precision of doses and better functionality of the refrigeration system.
  • Nitrogen leak control: A designated pressure control system highlights any gas leak directly on the display.
  • Display: A designated pressure control system highlights any gas leak directly on the display.
  • Bottles lifting system: Pneumatic pistons. Self-centering bottle placement system.
  • Voltage: 110 v
  • Materials: Stainless steel with black polyurethane lid.
  • Positioning: can be lined up on both sides, 2” inches at rear needed, support furniture needed.
  • Modules interfacing: LAN network, TCP\IP protocol.
  • Certifications: ULc and NSF (International).

Enoround Elite

Innovative 16-bottle wine dispenser & pouring systems to preserve flavors and aromas with the best of enomatic technology.

It now comes with enhanced features: touch screens, drain-free refrigeration, articulated hinged glass door, pneumatic pistons to lift bottle, Software and  POS integration

models Ø H weight electrical requirements
enoround 16 ta (base not included) 850/1250 mm (33.5″/49.2″) 760 mm (29.9″) 125 kg (275.6 lbs) 115 V. – 60 W.
enoround 8+8 ref (base not included) 850/1250 mm (33.5″/49.2″) 810 mm (31.9″) 185 kg (407.9 lbs) 115 V. – 375 W.
  • Available models: Enoround 16 Room Temperature and Enoround 8+8 Dual Temperature (refrigerated, 16 bottles placed in a circle).
  • Display: each position has an LCD graphic touch screen interactive display to monitor the dispenser’s functions. A central LCD graphic screen supplies general information
  • Wine temperature: Room Temperature or Refrigerated: from 7 to 18 °C (from 45 to 64 °F). The Dispenser has a dual temperature compartments managed separately in order to serve both red and white wines.
  • Gas supply: food grade nitrogen or argon (cylinder or generator not included).
  • Cooling system: by refrigerator compressor.
  • Environment control: a junction box performs a check on allexternal environment conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) in order to auto-adjust the dispenser’s efficiency. This guarantees increased precision of pour volumes and better functionality of the refrigeration system.
  • Nitrogen/Argon leak control: a designated pressure control system highlights any gas leak directly on the display.
  • Positioning: support furniture needed. For the correct positioning the base height must be between 90 and 95 cm

Flute 2

4 Bottle Sparkling Wine Dispenser

It is the only system for tasting sparkling wines capable of keeping the pearl, aromas and taste intact. Patented technology unique in the world, enclosed in a very attractive design: the new way of serving "bubbles by the glass."

4 bottle system: sizes 0.750 and 1.5 lt.
Temperature: can be set from 0° to 6°C. The compressor refrigeration system has an ultra thick insulation with an internal condensation drainage system.
Preservation system: with food argon (gas cylinder not included).
• 1 to 3 doses can be programmed; you can select the amount you require.
Materials: stainless steel, painted black, protective glass with “stopsol” technology, aluminium.
Wine card: tasting option with electronic cards: Chip card and RFID MIFARE (this option is compatible with MAD system for a shared use of the cards).
Bottle display: each device has its own LCD graphic colour display TFT-LED 3.5” interactive wide screen with a “capacitive glass” keyboard to manage the functions of the dispenser.
Reader display: colour graphic TFT-LED 4.2” wide screen with PCU control. S.O Linux processor and large SD memory to be able to view customized videos. Double USB (A+B types) to upload data.
Lighting: intelligent triple led system. The intensity of the lights varies according to the functions of the machine.
Glass sensor: a beam of light illuminates the glass to signal the proper positioning, enabling the tasting only after reaching the correct position.
Pressure control: every single bottled is managed autonomously. The dispenser sets its functions according to the pressure it detects inside the bottles. A special system signals any gas leakage.
Environment control: a central system controls external environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) and automatically regulates the functions of the dispenser to guarantee maximum precision of the amounts and a better efficiency of the refrigeration system.
Setting and installation: it can be placed left or right; you must allow 10 cm space at the back and 25 cm above; it requires setting in a piece of furniture or on a stand. Compressor can only be positioned on the right side of the machine. The modules are linked by a LAN with a TCP/IP protocol.

Enomodule Elite

8 – Bottle Wine Dispenser

The Enomodule wine dispenser has been developed as a built-in modular system, each unit of which hold 8 bottles. The system is ideal for personalizing medium to large free areas of wall space where wines are served at room temperature. The modules can connect in a seamless continuity of bottles, to create a unique visual impact.

The custom-made Enomodule wine dispenser is built to your specific requirements and deigned to integrate within your decor. Alternatively, we can supply a range of stainless steel cover panels to create a modern wall mounted system without the need to construct any cabinetry. Enomodules wine dispensers are available in banks of 2, 3 or more.

Enomodules wine dispensers can be installed in any restaurant, bar or hospitality environment where the wines are served at room temperature.

  • 1 or 3 Volumes
  • Wine Card Activated
  • Touch-Screens
  • Size: 88.2×67.1×23.4 cm / 34.75×26.44×9.22 inches (length x height x depth)
  • Weight: 29 kg / 64 lbs
  • Power requirements: 115/230 volts
  • Power requirements: 40 Watt
  • Gas supply: nitrogen or argon gas cylinder (not included)

models L H D weight electrical requirements
enomodule 8 TA 882 mm 671 mm 234 mm 29 kg 115/230 V. – 40W.


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