With mirrored internal walls, LED lighting and a wide variety of height and door options, these wine fridges are designed to create the most attractive wine bottle display in any room. The arrangement of bottles in the compartments are completely adjustable in each unit, offering the user a wide array of display options.

With modular designs, pieces can be combined to create wine racking solutions for any space or number of bottles. Esigo also offers a line of cabinets specifically for the Enomatic.


LED lighting along the perimeter of the door, combined with the mirror effect of the internal walls, ensure the ultimate bottle display.

Modular Size Option

Different size options are available to suit any customer’s needs.

Custom Internal Layout

Bottles can be displayed vertically (stainless steel shelves: SH), on an incline (stainless steel tubes: T) or horizontally (pull-out wood drawers: DR), according to individual preferences.

Noise Reduction

The static condensation system is designed to provide maximum noise reduction of the refrigeration equipment.


Fan assisted refrigeration. It is possible to switch off the fans to obtain static refrigeration and different temperatures. The static refrigeration operating mode provides four different temperature zones in one unit. Both red and white wines can be maintained at the most suitable temperature. The temperature can be set anywhere from 6°C to 20°C.

Color Options

The wood laminate is available in semi-gloss black and brushed aluminum grey.

Clean Interior

The innovative static refrigeration system ensures the right temperature without the need for an evaporator. The bottle capacity is increased and the mirrored internal walls provide a 360° view effect

Energy Efficiency

Up to 50% less energy consumption in comparison to traditional wine cabinets due to the LED lighting, 60mm thick insulation, and the low emission double glazing glass door.

Miami Line

An innovative interpretation of the traditional wine cabinet.

With improved lighting, the Miami unit offers the ultimate wine bottle display. LED lights are embedded all along the front door frame and the internal mirror walls create depth and pleasant lighting effects while enhancing the visibility of wine bottles.
Energy consumption is significantly reduced given the LED lighting and a new refrigeration system, which is controlled by an automatic device that enhances its efficiency. The product’s insulation is improved by 60mm thick panels. The door is made of 20mm thick low emission double-glazing glass. The glass panel is embedded in a frame with magnetic gaskets. Inside the unit, the arrangement of bottles is entirely adjustable. It is possible to insert steel tubes, elegant pull-out wood drawers or steel shelves.

Aluminum Satin Grey, Semi Glossy Black & other colour options are available.

Wine Library

A shiny point, catching everyone's attention.

Enofrigo's Wine Library is designed to be the most attractive wine bottle display in any room. The height of the doors, combined with outstanding LED lighting and mirrored internal walls, provide an elegant and refined frame for wine bottles. With the Wine Library, bottled wine becomes a beautiful focal point in the room, capturing everyone’s attention.
All customers can find a solution that best suits their needs with the variety of size options available in the Wine Library. There are one, two or three door models as well as height options from 260 cm or 220 cm.

Aluminum Satin Grey, Semi Glossy Black & other colour options are available.


From a single module to a complete, diversified and innovative wine room, ENOGALAX is the ultimate expression of the art of composition.

The modular dimensions of all elements permit installation in innumerable different configurations to suit all space, display and storage needs. Displays can be configured single or double-sided, and with on-board or remote motor. Shelves can be repositioned easily for maximum versatility and to optimize either capacity or visibility

Aluminum Satin Grey, Semi Glossy Black & other colour options are available.


The Class A refrigerated cabinet for storing, displaying and enabling prompt service of the widest possible selection of wines, all at the ideal temperature.

Up to 260 Bordelaise bottles stored, cooled and superbly displayed in the quietest and most energy-efficient cabinet obtainable on the market.
Space, functionality and smart designNoiseless, elegant, minimal, but unmistakable, the i.Am enhances every type and selection of wine like no other display cabinet.

Aluminum Satin Grey, Semi Glossy Black & other colour options are available.

Multizone i.Am

Grand stock de vins variés?

Le i.Am Multizone propose 4 étagères régulées à différentes températures, de sorte que de grands stocks de vins différents peuvent être stockés et servis de manière à maximiser leurs attributs sensoriels respectifs.

i.Am Ventilated

Grands stocks de vins similaires?

Jusqu'à 260 bouteilles bordelaises refroidies et maintenues à une température préférée jusqu'à 2 ° C, uniformément, rapidement et avec une économie d'énergie maximale. Aussi disponible en version tropicalisée.



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