Evan Wallace Founder of Perlage Systems
When Perlage is used to reseal a bottle of sparkling wine, the wine doesn't "know" it was ever opened.

This is a preservation system designed to extend the life of a bottle of sparkling wine, giving wine connoisseurs the opportunity to keep their bottle over a matter of days or weeks.  Practical for both home or commercial use, the Perlage was designed with restaurants in mind, allowing them to serve sparkling wine, with zero waste.


Easy to use in a busy environment

Expands the sparkling wine menu without limits

Builds additional sales

Creates an enhanced guest experience

Practical & Efficient

The Perlage System is easy to use and integrate into your routine.

Small, Compact Accessories

The Perlage System utilizes small cartridges that are easy to store and change when necessary.


Two things happen after a bottle of sparkling wine is opened. First, and most notably, it begins to go flat the moment the cork is removed. Second, like any wine, it begins to suffer the ravages of oxidation after the bottle is opened and served. Perlage solves both of these problems, simply and completely. The Perlage System works by returning the headspace of the opened bottle to exactly the same composition and gas pressure which existed before the bottle was opened. Properly used, sparkling wines preserved with the Perlage System will retain their original flavors and carbonation for weeks at a time. Perlage has been field-tested in Settle for years to ensure the design can be used effectively with any sparkling wine and live up to the quality expectations of the trade. In fact, the Perlage System was extensively tested by Dom Perignon and, as a result, Dom Perignon commissioned a custom version of the system to send to over 2, 000 of their best on-premise accounts world-wide. See the video demonstration here.

See the video demonstration here.


Highly recommended for any restaurant, bar or wine bar, Enomatic® gives you not just the opportunity to provide the right wine service, but also to sell high-quality wines by the glass. Enomatic is the best investment you can make for your business.

Cosmin Marinescu

Sommelier, Hilton San Francisco
The Machinery is innovative and modern…Our customers have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to Taste, Wines of San Luis Obispo and we see many repeat customers. They are just fascinated with the technology… The software is explanatory and easy to use…Our upgrades have been great and I can’t wait to see more.

Carly Williams

General Manager, Taste
Having a wine that will stay fresh for several weeks gets rid of that problem of throwing away wine…This technology is the shift that gives people the opportunity to try wine; and when they try wine, they buy wine.

Steve Lynn

Owner, Water to Wine


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